Crossword Puzzle

School & Routine


  1. you move your body to grow up healthy. (physicaleducation)
  2. we learn about the human body and the world around us. (biology)
  3. the person who helps us to learn. (teacher)
  4. you use this to sum, substract, multiply and divide faster. (calculator)


  1. you learn numbers and arithmetics. (maths)
  2. you use this time between classes to rest and play with your friends. (recess)
  3. the activities we do after school. (extracurricular)
  4. to put letters in order to create words and sentences. (write)
  5. to have the ability to look at and understand the meaning of written letters. (read)
  6. what you use to write, it can be erased. (pencil)
  7. what you use to write, it uses ink. (pen)
  8. pieces of paper tied together where we write. (notebook)
  9. to read and memorize information in order to learn it. (study)
  10. to get less than 5 in an exam (fail)

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