Crossword Puzzle

P1 Revision - Triple


  1. low frequency wave that can be detected in all parts of the Universe - energy left over from the Big Bang (cosmicmicrowavebackgroundradiation)
  2. A wave that can travel through solids, liquids and gases (pwave)
  3. A wave that can only travel through solids (swave)
  4. an interstellar cloud of gas and dust - the birthplace of stars (nebula)
  5. the stage after main sequence star where helium is fused into larger elements (up to carbon) (redgiant)
  6. speed x time (distance)
  7. a high energy electron that comes from the nucleus (beta)
  8. Which of Newton's laws is it? An object in motion will stay in motion unless an unbalanced force acts on it. (firstlaw)
  9. Which of Newton's laws is it? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. (thirdlaw)


  1. the change in speed and direction of a wave when it hits a change in density (refraction)
  2. Earth-centred model of the Universe (geocentric)
  3. Sun-centred model of the Universe (heliocentric)
  4. an image that can be projected on a screen (real)
  5. an image that cannot be projected on a screen (virtual)
  6. the change in velocity over time (acceleration)
  7. a quantity that has direction and magnitude (vector)
  8. mass in motion (momentum)
  9. when smaller atoms come together to make larger atoms (nuclearfusion)
  10. the height of a wave (amplitude)
  11. a wave that vibrates perpendicular to the direction of the wave (transverse)
  12. a wave that vibrates parallel to the direction of the wave (longitudinal)
  13. the number of waves passing a point per second (frequency)
  14. the least penetrating form of radiation (alpha)
  15. a sound above 20,000Hz (ultrasound)
  16. A wave that was (shockingly!) detected by the change in temperature in a thermometer (Herschel) (infrared)
  17. the amount of matter in an object; measured in Kg (mass)


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