Crossword Puzzle

The New Deal


  1. Created millions of jobs that ranged from construction to symphony orchestras. (worksprogressadministration)
  2. The first female cabinet member who helped create the Social Security system and supervised labor legislation. (francesperkins)


  1. Radio talks given by FDR to the American public about issues of public concern. (firesidechats)
  2. Roosevelt's team of advisers who were professors, lawyers and journalists. (braintrust)
  3. Provided assistance to retirees 65 and older and the unemployed. (socialsecurityact)
  4. President Roosevelt wanted new Supreme court justices and asked Congress to let him appoint new ones. (courtpacking)
  5. A program created by president Roosevelt to solve the problems of the Great Depression. It focused on relief, economic recovery and financial reform. (newdeal)
  6. A law that protected workers' rights. It was created after the Supreme Court declared the National Industrial Recovery Act unconstitutional. (wagneract)
  7. supported the prices of agricultural products and it intended to keep farmers' incomes steady. (parity)
  8. The government spends more money than it receives in revenue. (deficitspending)
  9. Critic of FDR who created the program called Share-Our-Wealth. (hueylong)

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