Crossword Puzzle

The Crucible


  1. Wife of John Proctor (elizabethproctor)
  2. Main accuser (abigailwilliams)
  3. Known for finding witches (johnhale)


  1. Reverend of Salem (parris)
  2. Respected man of Salem (johnproctor)
  3. Accused of murdering babies (rebeccanurse)
  4. Crushed to death by stones (gilescorey)
  5. Accused of pig murder (marthacorey)
  6. Daughter of Parris (bettyparris)
  7. The main judge in Salem (judgedanforth)
  8. Servant of Parris from Barbados (tituba)
  9. Accuses John Proctor of witchcraft (marywarren)

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