Crossword Puzzle

Chapter 8 vocabulary


  1. Citizens who have reached the minimum age requirement to vote excluding those who are not legally permitted to cast a ballot. (votingeligiblepopulation)


  1. Citizens who are eligible to vote after reaching the minimum age requirement (votingagepopulation)
  2. People who are registered to vote. (registeredvoters)
  3. A requirement that citizens show that they can read before registering to vote. (literacytest)
  4. A requirement that citizens pay a tax in order to register to vote. (polltax)
  5. People who tend to participate in all forms of politics. (activists)
  6. A clause exempting certain classes of people or things from the requirements of a piece of legislation affecting their previous rights, privileges, or practices. (grandfatherclause)
  7. Primary elections held in the Southern United States in which only white voters were permitted to participate. (whiteprimary)


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