Crossword Puzzle



  1. Leader of the House of Representatives (speakerofthehouse)
  2. Branch of government who interprets the laws (judicial)
  3. To approve (ratify)
  4. To accuse a federal official of a crime (impeach)
  5. How many justices are on the Supreme Court? (nine)
  6. An idea for a law (bill)
  7. When the president says no to a bill (veto)


  1. The beginning of the Constitution (preamble)
  2. Branch of government who makes laws (legislative)
  3. Branch of government that includes the President (executive)
  4. Written plan of government (constitution)
  5. Written change to the Constitution (amendment)
  6. Current US President (trump)
  7. The House of Representatives and The Senate make up this lawmaking body (congress)
  8. How are the numbers of representatives from each state determined? (population)
  9. How many senators are there from each state? (two)
  10. Which amendment gives the freedom of speech, religion, and press (one)
  11. How many years are in a President's term? (four)

["vicepresident", "billofrights", "electoralcollege"]

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