Crossword Puzzle

ACT Prep / Semester Final Words


  1. a group of people assembled for religious worship. (congregation)
  2. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. (empathy)
  3. giving out or reflecting a strong or dazzling light. (glaring)
  4. sparing or economical with regard to money or food. (frugal)


  1. a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary. (antagonist)
  2. (of land or a climate) having little or no rain; too dry or barren to support vegetation. (arid)
  3. well meaning and kindly. (benevolent)
  4. work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something. (collaborate)
  5. having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties. (diligent)


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