Crossword Puzzle

Wildlife Unit Vocab


  1. Process caused by habitat loss results in smaller, more isolated remnants of larger, continuous habitats. (habitatfragmentation)
  2. Process by which organisms baring certain traits that allow better adaptation. (naturalselection)
  3. The relative frequency of death in specific population. (mortality)
  4. Diversity among species in an ecosystem. (biodiversity)
  5. Factors that are predominate in restriction of size in a population. (limitingfactors)


  1. Non-living factors that affect an ecosystem. (abiotic)
  2. Living factors that affect an ecosystem. (biotic)
  3. Class of individuals that share common features. (species)
  4. Apex predator if removed allows prey populations to explode. (keystonespecies)
  5. Organisms that live in only one geographic region. (endemicspecies)
  6. Changes that increase survival rate of organisms in new habitats. (adaption)
  7. Quality of being fertile. (fertility)
  8. To move from one habitat to another. (migration)
  9. A disease-producing agent. (pathogen)
  10. Any disease of animals communicable to humans (zoonotic)

["habitatdegradation", "carryingcapacity", "tragedyofthecommons", "exoticspecies", "invasivespecies", "endangered", "threatened"]

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