Crossword Puzzle

Kitchen Equipment


  1. used to measure small amounts of liquids (measuringspoons)
  2. used to shred and grate foods (grater)
  3. used to measure larger amounts of liquid and solids (measuringcups)


  1. used to remove outer surfaces of fruits and vegetables (peelers)
  2. used to blend and incorporate air into foods (rotarybeater)
  3. used for dipping and pouring (ladles)
  4. used to blend dry ingredients and remove lumps from powdered sugar (sifter)
  5. used to roll out pastry (rollingpin)
  6. used to incorporate air into foods (whisk)
  7. used to cut, chop, dice fruits and vegetables (frenchknife)
  8. used to separate liquid and solid food (strainer)
  9. used to turn meats and fried foods (tongs)


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