Crossword Puzzle

Recap Crossword: The Crusades


  1. The Holy Land is important to the following three religions - Judaism, Islam and _______ (christianity)
  2. A ________ is a person who make a journey to a holy place (pilgrim)
  3. __________ are a tribe of Muslim warriors who moved to the Holy Land (turks)
  4. The ________ Crusade ran from 1147 to 1149 and was led by Louis VII (second)


  1. Which city is the Holy Land? (jerusalem)
  2. In 1095, Pope Urban II preached a __________ asking people to go on a crusade (sermon)
  3. The enthusiasm for the crusades died down in the fourteenth century, mainly due to the ____________ and the Hundred Years War (blackdeath)
  4. The _______ is a place of pilgrimage (holyland)
  5. _________ is a name for a Muslim at the time of the Crusades (saracen)
  6. The Fourth Crusade, from 1202 to 1204, was originally intended to attack _________, which was the centre of Muslim power. (egypt)


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