Crossword Puzzle

Wednesday's Words


  1. argumentative and uncooperative (cantankerous)
  2. a person or thing that comes before another of a similar kind (precursor)
  3. overly patriotic (jingoistic)
  4. express discontent or sorrow over (bemoan)
  5. hate (abhor)
  6. not easily upset or excited (placid)
  7. in the manner of a cow (bovine)
  8. treating serious issues with inappropriate humor (facetious)
  9. very harmful (noxious)
  10. to cheat someone out of money (bilk)
  11. well-supplied with something (replete)
  12. excessive or foolish boldness (temerity)


  1. someone who uses flattery to try to get what he/she wants from an authority figure (sycophant)
  2. intending to cause harm (pernicious)
  3. appearing everywhere (ubiquitous)
  4. a statement that does not logically follow a conversation flow (nonsequitur)
  5. showing a lack of care or thought (slipshod)
  6. wicked or criminal (nefarious)
  7. unable to be soothed (implacable)
  8. a natural skill (affinity)
  9. a woman who flirts to get what she wants (coquette)
  10. lecture at length in an aggressive way (harangue)
  11. showing great knowledge or learning (erudite)
  12. a disaster (debacle)

["diatribe", "impregnable", "demure", "misogynist", "talisman", "contrite", "anomaly", "blasphemy", "absolution", "deride", "ennui", "abstain", "haughty", "tenacious", "acquiesce", "lampoon"]

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