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  1. A worldwide competitive sporting event held every four years. (theolympicgames(orolympics))
  2. A game played on ice by two opposing teams, with a flat, circular disk and curved wooden sticks. (icehockey)
  3. Non-competitive running at a slow or medium pace, in order to keep fit. (jogging)
  4. An energetic outdoor sport, played with an oval shaped ball on a playing field, or rugby pitch. (rugby)
  5. A sport that involves moving across the snow while wearing skiis. (skiing)
  6. A competitive sport, played with a bat and a ping pong ball on and indoor table. (tabletennis)


  1. A group of sporting activities designed to increase physical fitness. (aerobics)
  2. A sport played with a bow and arrow, which is fired at target. (archery)
  3. A group of sporting events that require physical skill and fitness. (athletics)
  4. A competitive outdoor sport played with a bat and a ball, between two opposing teams. (baseball)
  5. A competitive ball game, played on a rectangular court between two teams of five players. (basketball)
  6. A combat sport played by two people wearing boxing gloves, in an enclosed indoor ring. (boxing)
  7. An outdoor ball game played with a bat, involving two teams of eleven players. (cricket)
  8. An indoor game for two people, played on a black and white chequered board. (chess)
  9. An indoor game played with short, pointed arrows, which are thrown at a round board. (darts)
  10. An outdoor game between two teams, played with a curved wooden stick and hard balls. (hockey)
  11. A sport that involves moving around on ice by means of physical effort, while wearing ice skates. (iceskating)
  12. A popular one-on-one martial art and combat sport, which features in the modern Olympic Games. (judo)
  13. A popular martial art which was originally developed in Japan. (karate)
  14. Moving through water by means of physical efoort. (swimming)

["equestrian", "fencing", "football", "horseracing", "tennis", "volleyball", "wrestling"]

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