Crossword Puzzle



  1. the state Plymouth is in (massachusetts)
  2. Indian corn (maize)
  3. The Captain of the Mayflower (jones)
  4. A first Thanksgiving food (venison)
  5. We are thankful for____ (family)
  6. the tribe of Squanto (wampanoag)


  1. Today we celebrate____. (thanksgiving)
  2. Who wanted free worship? (pilgrims)
  3. the ship that sailed to Am. (mayflower)
  4. Where the Pilgrims settled (plymouth)
  5. An Indian chief (massasoit)
  6. How many days the feast lasted (three)
  7. What was NOT served? (pie)
  8. Pilgrims celebrated this. (harvest)
  9. gave the Pilgrims milk (goats)

["duck", "food", "children", "forks", "deadfish", "forecastle", "passengers"]

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