Crossword Puzzle

SamanthaVillasenor Crossword Puzzle


  1. a computing environment where everyday objects, or things, are connected to the internet (internetofthings)
  2. consists of memory chips that can read from and written to be the processor (ram)
  3. memory chips storing permanent data and instruction (rom)
  4. provides enough different combinations of 0s and 1s (byte)


  1. electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed by a processor (memory)
  2. smallest unit of data that the computer can process (bit)
  3. a small piece of semiconducting material (chip)
  4. contains permanantly written data, instructions, and information (firmware)
  5. electronic channels that allow various devices to communicate with one another (bus)
  6. processors today are typically ___, which means they execute more than one instruction per clock cycle (superscalar)
  7. can act as a electronic switch that opens and closes a circuit for electronic charges (transistor)

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