Crossword Puzzle

Practice teaching task.


  1. 15- They are integral parts as well as gestures, of any communication where people listen and speak each other. (facialexpressions)


  1. 1- Offers a modified roundtable setup, where all participants face each other while the instructor can move about the room. (horseshoe)
  2. 2- A variation of the classic row configuration and runway, desks are grouped in clusters but all facing the same direction. (stadium)
  3. 3- It’s one disadvantage for students sitting in the last rows in traditional classroom or orderly row. (distraction)
  4. 4- In this arrangement, students develop skills such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, and more. (clusters)
  5. 5- This configuration is great for classes with students of varying learning levels, methods of learning, and behavioral issues. (combination)
  6. 6- In this position, teachers are physically at the same height as the students, making interaction more personal and less threatening, which in turn leads to a more communicative atmosphere. (crouching)
  7. 8- In this type of position, the teacher wants the attention of the whole class, for introducing new language, practice language or giving instructions. (standing)

["pairwork", "eyecontact", "monhaty", "gestures", "mime", "airasian/13", "message"]

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