Crossword Puzzle

Quack Activity


  1. An illicit activity which the victims are often forced into slavery and prostitution. (2 words) (humantrafficking)
  2. This type of transaction is done by fraudsters to steal from the agent. (test)
  3. This scam plays on the kindness and goodness of your heart. (charity)
  4. A Country well known for facilitating Terrorism Financing. (syria)
  5. ________ _________ is used to report incidences of fraud by customer or Western Union staff. (fraudhotline)


  1. Receiving transfers for this type of business is prohibited through Western Union Network. (telemarketing)
  2. Although this product is legal in certain countries, Western Union will not do business with this industry. (marijuana)
  3. This type of intrusion put agents’ data at risk for malicious use. (computer)
  4. This occurs when fraudsters pretend to be an IT technician in order to take control of agents’ computers from another location. (remoteaccess)
  5. This scam promises you fame and fortune from a deceased relative. (inheritance)

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