Crossword Puzzle

Reading Crossword Puzzle


  1. impossible to believe or imagine (inconceivable)
  2. to tell an account of something by speech (narrate)
  3. the act of narrating (narration)
  4. to make something as small as possible (minimize)
  5. being the only one of its kind (unique)
  6. same as or equal to another thing (equivalent)


  1. to think or form in the mind (conceive)
  2. to suggest a plan or idea to be considered (propose)
  3. an offered or suggested plan or action (proposition)
  4. to have a goal (intend)
  5. to prove or show clearly (demonstrate)
  6. to prove or show clearly (demonstrate)
  7. to make something seem larger than it is, more important (exaggerate)
  8. the smallest amount possible (minimal)
  9. similar in every detail (identical)
  10. to create or start (establish)

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