Crossword Puzzle

-ible, -ment, -less


  1. the process of feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness (embarrassment)
  2. process of being developed (development)
  3. process of meeting someone or making an appointment (appointment)
  4. the process of arguing (argument)
  5. process of paying someone or something (payment)
  6. without or never looking old or appearing to grow old (ageless)


  1. able to be digested (digestible)
  2. able to be divided (divisible)
  3. able to be admitted or accepted (admissible)
  4. too tempting to be resisted (irresistible)
  5. the process of feeling great surprise or wonder (amazement)
  6. the process of making decisions (judgement)

["boundless", "homeless", "motionless", "worthless"]

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