Crossword Puzzle

Web Development


  1. Used to configure text, color, and page layout; the presentation of a web page (cascadingstylesheets)
  2. The interconnected network of computer networks that spans the globe (internet)
  3. The graphical user interface to information stored on computers running web servers connected to the Internet (worldwideweb)
  4. The phrase element used to indicate text should be highlighted (mark)
  5. The element used to create a link to other web pages or files (anchor)
  6. A type of style defined in the head section of a web page that applies only to that web page (embedded)
  7. The attribute of an anchor element which identifies the name and location of the file to access (href)
  8. The diagram of the organization of a website (sitemap)
  9. The state of a link when the mouse is pointing to it but not clicking on it (hover)


  1. Sets of directions that tell the browser software how to display and manage a web document; used to build the structure of a web page (markuplanguage)
  2. The buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet (ecommerce)
  3. The DTD statement of a web page; generally the first line of a web page document (doctype)
  4. The element that configures the text that will appear in the title bar of the browser window (title)
  5. The element that contains the text and media that will display on the web page in the browser viewport (body)
  6. The element used to display a numbering or lettering system to itemize information in a list (orderedlist)
  7. The property used to set an element to be bold (fontweight)
  8. An _______________ describes an element such as "src" or "alt" for an image (attribute)
  9. A stylesheet is used to set the ___________ of an element to a specific value for styling purposes (property)
  10. A hyperlink used to link to web pages within your site (relative)
  11. A quality assurance tool used to ensure your code uses correct syntax (validation)
  12. Used to identify and apply a CSS rule uniquely to a single area on a web page (id)
  13. The icon that appears on the web page tab in the browser (favicon)
  14. The property used to shift the location of an element outside of the normal flow (float)

["semicolon", "hashtag", "urladdress", "descendant", "pseudoclass", "doublequotes", "liststyletype", "gradient", "padding", "wireframe", "accessible", "breadcrumbtrail", "boxmodel", "normalflow", "universalselector", "textdecoration", "fontfamily"]

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