Crossword Puzzle

craft camp 2018 lorne


  1. she who brings it all together (machinequilter)
  2. the middle of the quilt sandwich (wadding)
  3. east quilt block (ninepatch)
  4. 2 1/2 inch strips (jellyroll)
  5. 10 inch square (layercake)
  6. annual craft event (geltwood)
  7. pretty florals (liberty)
  8. to complete your quilt sandwich (wideback)
  9. quarter inch (seam)
  10. fun with wendy (felting)


  1. our favourite time of the year (craftcamp)
  2. a twisty quilt style (bargello)
  3. sewing machine or embroidery (needles)
  4. cotton or polyester (thread)
  5. craft day duty (morningtea)
  6. needs to be sharp (rotarycutter)
  7. home of jen kingwell (amitie)
  8. craft camp 2108 (lorne)
  9. saves your finger (thimble)
  10. holds it together (glue)

["wof", "template", "showandtell", "hexagon", "handsewn", "selvedge", "pinterest", "wednesday", "mat", "scissors", "pinking", "lightbox", "stitches"]

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