Crossword Puzzle

The Critical Period


  1. America's first constitution which government and power remaining in the hands of the states (articlesofconfederation)
  2. being acted for or spoken for in a system of government (representation)
  3. the rejection of a bill from the legislative branch by the executive branch (veto)
  4. the highest court in the federal government; part of the Judicial branch (supremecourt)
  5. a proposal of law in the legislative branch of government (bill)


  1. the first ten amendments to the US Constitution that describe, for the most part, the civil rights of individuals (billofrights)
  2. a system developed in the US Constitution in which each branch of the federal government has the power to check or limit the actions of the other branches (checksandbalances)
  3. the legislative branch of government, as described in Article 1 of the US Constitution, consisting of the House of Representatives and Senate. Primarily responsible for making laws (congress)
  4. the document which outlines the structure of the federal government, incorporating the legislative, executive, and judicial branches (constitution)
  5. the art of negotiation between different nations (diplomacy)
  6. art of the constitution which justifies the implied powers of congress (elasticclause)
  7. having to do with the national or central government (federal)
  8. plan discussed at the constitutional convention regarding a two-house legislature which settled differences between large and small states concerning representation in congress (greatcompromise)
  9. powers assumed by the federal government, that are assumed to be necessary to proper to carry out its delegated powers into effect (impliedpowers)
  10. refers to the government, the lawful authority (state)
  11. that which is not allowed according to a nation's constitution (constitutional)

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