Crossword Puzzle



  1. increasing at a constant rate (uniformacceleration)
  2. value depends on another (dependentvariable)
  3. proposed explanation made on the basis (hypothesis)
  4. effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon occurs (law)


  1. rate someone is able to move (speed)
  2. speed of something in a direction (velocity)
  3. moving an object from its original place or position (displacement)
  4. having only magnitude, no directions (scalar)
  5. system of geometric axes (frameofreference)
  6. increase/decrease in rate or speed (acceleration)
  7. place where an object is located or has been put (position)
  8. collection of techniques, skills, and methods (technology)
  9. movement under the force of gravity (freefall)

["independentvariable", "unitofmeasurement"]

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