Crossword Puzzle

Walk Two Moons: 1-14 Review


  1. This food reminds Sal of her mother (blackberries)
  2. Mary Lou’s cousin; seems to have a crush on Sal (ben)
  3. Sal’s mother left her and her father one day in this month (april)
  4. Every night of their road trip, Gramps would say, “Well, this ain’t our marriage bed, but __________” (3 words) (itwilldo)


  1. The main character (sal)
  2. The state they currently live in (ohio)
  3. Sal tells her grandparents a story about a girl named (phoebe)
  4. Mrs. Partridge is lacking this sense (sight)
  5. Gram, Gramps, and Sal are all going to see Sal’s _______ in Idaho. (mother)
  6. A young man knocks on Phoebe’s door looking for her mother. Phoebe calls this person “the _____” (lunatic)
  7. Sal and Phoebe find the message in the white envelope on Phoebe’s _____ (porch)

["dad", "agenda", "teachers", "postcards", "tiny"]

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