Crossword Puzzle

Marni Crossword


  1. First amusement park we went to together (universalstudios)
  2. The first name you knew me by (mark)
  3. The first food we went out to eat together (pizza)
  4. Month of our REAL anniversary (july)
  5. First person to say 'I Love You' (marco)
  6. The name of the national forest we went to with Mario and Saul (sequoia)


  1. Name of our future pet (amaterasu)
  2. Our favorite drink (jambajuice)
  3. The first REAL game I watched you play on skype (thewalkingdead)
  4. The first place we spent the night together (lax)
  5. Our couple name (marni)
  6. "Our" place to eat in Northampton (cafemordani)
  7. Furball & ..... (mushi)
  8. First gift to remember me by when you left (shirt)
  9. The first ride we rode at Universal Studios (thesimpsons)

["burgerking", "necklace", "heytheredelilah", "pixel", "reni", "popcornchicken", "weed", "kik"]

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