Crossword Puzzle

John B Watson


  1. How did Watson's view of nurturing children help psychologists today? (childdevelopment)
  2. What kind of conditioning did he use in his experiment? (classical)
  3. What can be helpful or not helpful to the development of emotions in kids & adults? (environments)


  1. What was John B Watson's experiment name? (littlealbert)
  2. What was his main theory? (behaviorism)
  3. What did Watson think Psychology should be focused mostly on? (observation)
  4. What field uses Watson's methods today? (therapists)
  5. What did Watson think was bad for kids? (nurturing)
  6. Little Albert helped prove that emotions and fears can be..? (learned)
  7. Watson used ___ in the environment to help condition his patients. (stimuli)

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