Crossword Puzzle

The Atom


  1. The experiment that discovered the nucleus of an atom (goldfoilexperiment)
  2. Introduced the atomic theory to chemistry (dalton)
  3. The time taken for the radioactivity of an isotope to half (halflife)


  1. A helium nucleus emitted by radioactive substances (alphaparticle)
  2. They make up everything (atom)
  3. The amount an atom weighs (atomicmass)
  4. The number of protons in an atom (atomicnumber)
  5. A fast-moving electron emitted by radioactive decay (betaparticle)
  6. Used by Thompson to discover the electron (cathoderay)
  7. negatively charged particle (electron)
  8. When the amount of neutrons change (isotope)

["neutron", "nucleus", "proton", "thompson", "rutherford", "mendeleev", "planck", "nuclearmodel", "planetarymodel"]

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