Crossword Puzzle

Chapter 19 Vocab


  1. a mechanism for settling labor disputes by negotiation between the employer and representatives of the employees (collectivebargaining)
  2. Element of a main culture that has formed its own culture that differs in some way (subculture)


  1. those with whom a leader interacts (followership)
  2. a mechanism for achieving professional practice through group decision making (collectiveaction)
  3. a way of life conveyed strongly enough for a group of people to describe its meaning. It consists of values, beliefs, attributed, practices, rituals, and traditions (culture)
  4. a sharing of power and control with the expectation that people are responsible for themselves (empowerment)
  5. a workplace approach designed to ensure employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values. (engagement)
  6. Refers to acting on or in behalf of another who is unable to act for himself or herself to effect change about workplace conditions (workplaceadvocacy)
  7. an experienced person who helps a less experienced person navigate into expertise (mentor)
  8. system by which an organization controls and directs formulation and administration of policy (governance)
  9. A person who enacts a role, typically in a positive way, so that others can follow the example (rolemodel)
  10. a flat type of organizational structure with decision making decentralized (sharedgovernance)
  11. a person who makes a public a serious wrongdoing or danger concealed within an organization (whistleblower)


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