Crossword Puzzle

Vocab Lesson 2 - GB


  1. the singer's voices flowed perfectly with the melody in the background (mellifluous)
  2. considered an unsinkable ship until it hit an iceberg (titanic)
  3. she really wanted the new iphone that came out desperately (covet)
  4. after failing her test, no one could make Sadie happy (implacable)
  5. when Caitlin and Jen sang, they were considered a perfect melody (amity)


  1. the visual effect of an oil spill (iridescent)
  2. she was filled with love of the sport (enamored)
  3. in order to _______ the baby, she gave it the pacifier (appease)
  4. because Katherine is so ______, she was the best person lead the tour of the school (amicable)
  5. a ______ horse is best for beginners who are inexperienced with riding (placid)

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