Crossword Puzzle

Vocabulary Lesson 2


  1. Stalin used cruel tactics to stay in power (machiavellian)
  2. scrunchies were big in the 80s, now they're coming back (renascent)
  3. when I go to the zoo, I'm struck by the beauty of all the animals (phoenix)


  1. state of mind during yoga (appease)
  2. gender inequality (misogyny)
  3. my 5 month old sister crying (mellifluous)
  4. when my sister only cares what she wants for dinner, and doesn't ask me my opinion (covet)
  5. the body builder could lift 300 pounds (titanic)
  6. my little sister's night light created all kinds of colors on the walls (iridescent)
  7. we have to wear our safety goggles when doing labs, due to the chance of chemicals enter our eyes (inimical)

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