Crossword Puzzle

Alien and Sedition Acts


  1. Group that wanted a government for the people. (democratic-republicans)
  2. Any citizen from a foreign country that posed a threat would be found guilty, and be deported. (alienenemiesact)


  1. European country that attacked US ships, because they were upset with America. (france)
  2. A group that believed in a strong central government. (federalists)
  3. Second President of the US and the person who passed the Alien and Sedition Acts. (johnadams)
  4. Bills passed to prevent immigrants from coming to America. (alienact)
  5. Act passed that prevented attacks on the government, or people would be prosecuted. (seditionact)
  6. The Sedition Act violated this amendment in the Bill of Rights. (1stamendment)
  7. Made it harder for immigrants to become US citizens; it went from 5 to 14 years to become a citizen. (naturalizationact)
  8. Third President of the US, and voided the Alien and Sedition Acts. (thomasjefferson)
  9. Target of the Alien Act. (immigrants)

["alienfriendsact", "yearof1802"]

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