Crossword Puzzle



  1. very attractive or pleasant. (beautiful)
  2. having a strong feeling that makes you want to shout or hurt someone. (angry)
  3. moving or happening quickly, or able to move or happen quickly. (fast)
  4. having lived or existed for many years. (old)
  5. covered in water. (wet)
  6. Not easy to cut, bend or break. (hard)
  7. having a high temperature. (hot)
  8. moving or happening in a low speed. (slow)
  9. frightened or worried. (scared)


  1. not attractive. (ugly)
  2. not containings things or people. (empty)
  3. having a very pleasant taste or smell. (delicious)
  4. when a container is holding or containing a lot of something. (full)
  5. little in size. (small)
  6. an attractive man. (handsome)

["sad", "cold", "heavy", "hungry", "long", "big", "thin", "short", "quiet"]

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