Crossword Puzzle



  1. Group of Texans who adapted to and used their environment to meet their needs. (nativeamericans)
  2. European explorers were looking for _______ in the New World. (gold)
  3. Group of Native Texans who lived in East Texas and ate fish as their major food source. (caddo)
  4. Major city in the Great Plains. (midland)
  5. Cabeza de Vaca did this to get what he needed from the Native Americans (traded)


  1. Native Texans who moved around following a food source. (nomads)
  2. The _____ ______ forms the border between Texas & Oklahoma. (redriver)
  3. The 2nd European explorer of Texas (1. Pineda, 2. Cabeza ___ _____, 3. LaSalle) (devaca)
  4. Native Texans who were nomads and depended on the buffalo. (tiguas)
  5. Empire in Mexico defeated by Cortes in 1519. (aztec)
  6. French Explorer of Texas. (lasalle)
  7. Most major Texas cities are located in the __________ Plains region. (coastal)
  8. El Paso is located in the Mountain & ______ Region. (basin)

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