Crossword Puzzle

1st project


  1. one of Sheela's defects (old-fashioned)
  2. the English word for "chef" (cook)
  3. when you like eating, you are... (foodie)
  4. the auxiliary for the future (will)
  5. a synonym of friendly (sociable)
  6. when you are not courageous (coward)


  1. synonym of mean (malicious)
  2. bidonville in English (slum)
  3. to be determined (stubborn)
  4. to look down on someone (contemptuous)
  5. when you are not generous, you are (selfish)
  6. the place where Sheela lives (dharavi)
  7. this is the country where Sheela lives (india)

["incapacity", "poverty", "hard-working"]

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