Crossword Puzzle

Achieving Good Mental Health


  1. Nonhostile comments (constructivecriticism)
  2. Walk in another persons shoes (empathy)
  3. Pyramid of needs (maslow)
  4. Bottom of pyramid (physicalnees)
  5. Top of pyramid (selfactualization)
  6. aka Emotions (feelings)
  7. can act as your conscience (guilt)


  1. Strive to be the best (self-actualization)
  2. makes you unique (personality)
  3. Observing and learning from others (modeling)
  4. yourself as a unique individual (personalidentity)
  5. Signals that tell your body how to act (emotions)
  6. Sense of independence (autonomy)
  7. ranked list of needs (hierarchyofneeds)
  8. Intentional use of unfriendly behavior (hostility)

["senseofpurpose", "defensemechanisms", "rationalization"]

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