Crossword Puzzle

P1 Energy and Electricity


  1. Energy require to increase temperature by 1dc for 1kg (specificheatcapacity)
  2. a non-renewable resource (fossilfuel)


  1. Energy required for changing states (specificlatentheat)
  2. A different form of the same element with different neutron number (isotopes)
  3. found in the nucleus has no charge (neutron)
  4. a type of radiation is also known as helium nucleus (alpha)
  5. A electron emitting radiation (beta)
  6. how effective an energy source is, can be calculated (energyefficiency)
  7. used to alter the resistance in a circuit (resistor)
  8. used to increase the voltage at a power station (stepuptransformer)

["windturbine", "230v"]

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