Crossword Puzzle

Weather Unit 2 Vocabulary


  1. A front that does not move for long periods of time (stationaryfront)
  2. A sheet like cloud (stratus)
  3. Tool that measures wind speed (anemometer)
  4. Tool that measures humidity (psychrometer)
  5. High level cloud (cirro)
  6. Brings violent precipitation and cold weather (coldfront)
  7. Large area with similar temperature and pressure throughout (airmass)


  1. When a liquid changes to a gas (evaporation)
  2. The amount of water vapor in the air (humidity)
  3. When a gas changes to a liquid (condensation)
  4. Low level cloud (strato)
  5. A feathery cloud (cirrus)
  6. Middle level cloud (alto)
  7. Puffy cloud (cumulus)
  8. Brings longer periods of precipitation and warmer weather (warmfront)

["isobar", "isotherm", "corioliseffect", "jetstream", "windvane"]

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