Crossword Puzzle

Career Clusters


  1. Is the series of steps that help you identify and evaluate choices. (decisionmakingprocess)
  2. Is your basic outlook on life. (attitude)


  1. Groups of similar occupations and industries. (careercluster)
  2. a subject and gather information about it. (research investigate)
  3. Involves following someone for a few days on the job. (jobshadowing)
  4. A temporary paid or unpaid position that involves direct work experience in a career field. (internship)
  5. Working without pay. (volunteering)
  6. A learning method in which students learn and develop through thoughtfully organized service to the community. (servicelearning)
  7. A choice you make about what action to take. (decision)
  8. Is something that stands in your way. (obstacle)
  9. Your decision is its result or effect. (outcome)
  10. Is being or willing to change in order to suit different conditions. (adaptability)

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