Crossword Puzzle



  1. transfer of DNA to multiple people. (secondarytransfer)
  2. normally shaped, stiff and strong. (crystalline)
  3. collection of mineral crystals. (mineralfiber)
  4. long chains (polymer)
  5. cross-wide threads on a loom (weft)
  6. fibers spun together (yarn)


  1. contains the hairs pigment (cortex)
  2. outer layer of hair (cuticle)
  3. root of the hair (hairfolicle)
  4. made up of the cuticle, cortex and medulla. (hairshaft)
  5. protein that makes up the cortex. (keratin)
  6. core of a hair fiber. (medulla)
  7. pigment found in the cortex. (melaningranules)
  8. no defined shape, composed of a loose arrangement. (amorphous)
  9. the passing of DNA (directtransfer)
  10. smallest unit of textile (fiber)
  11. small molecule that bonds with others. (monomer)
  12. interlacing “yarns” (textile)

["mitochondrialdna", "nucleardna", "naturalfiber", "syntheticfiber", "warp"]

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