Crossword Puzzle

Colace (Docusate Sodium)


  1. taking colace would help... so you can poop without any problem [two words] (indication) (preventsconstipation)


  1. taking these will help you poop almost immediately (therapeutic classification) (laxatives)
  2. rhymes with "pool oftener" [two words] (pharmacological classification) (stoolsofteners)
  3. 3rd pregnancy drug category (categoryc)
  4. only 2 routes available [starts with "P" and ends with "L"] (porectal)
  5. having 3 liquid bowel movements in 1 day usually means you have... (main side effect) (diarrhea)
  6. I don't have water inside me so I shrivel up; means I am probably... (contraindicated) (dehydrated)

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