Crossword Puzzle

Albert Einstein


  1. He passed the ______ and ________ sections of the entrance exam, but failed the rest (history, languages, geography, etc.) (mathscience)
  2. Albert did not learn to speak until the age of ___ (four)
  3. He was born on _____14,1879. (march)
  4. He wrote an article in ________, In which he presented ideas beyond experimental. (magazine)


  1. E=mc2 formula was used to invention of (nuclearbomb)
  2. Gift received at the age of 5 that sparked Einstein's curiosity in science (compass)
  3. His uncle ____ played a very important role in Albert's interest in maths & science. (jacob)
  4. Albert would forever ______ his role in the bomb's creation after he learned that U.S had bomb the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with their atomic bombs (regret)
  5. He wanted ti become a ______ but due to low grades, he was not able to get a job. (professor)

["speech", "music", "berlin"]

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