Crossword Puzzle

Celestone (Betamethasone/Dexamethasone)


  1. these are given to help... for fetus's, so when born, they can (breath) effectively [two words] (indication for pregnant women) (lungdevelopment)


  1. best medication type used to reduce inflammation (therapeutic/pharmacologic classification) (corticosteroids)
  2. 3rd pregnancy drug category (categoryc)
  3. 3 routes for Dexamethasone [answer starts with "P" and ends in "V"] (poimiv)
  4. 2 routes for Betamethasone ["answer starts with "P" and ends in "M"] (poim)
  5. break in the stomach's lining, creating a hole or an open sore [two words] (major side effect) (pepticulcers)

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