Crossword Puzzle



  1. gradually getting softer (accelerando)
  2. gradually getting slower (ritardando)
  3. slow (largo)
  4. walking speed (andante)
  5. a little bigger than a violin (viola)
  6. black woodwind instrument (clarinet)
  7. fast (allegro)
  8. keyboard instrument (organ)
  9. wind instrument made of brass (saxophone)
  10. medieval string instrument (harp)


  1. tune (melody)
  2. speed (tempo)
  3. a drum that jingles (tambourine)
  4. Gr. 7's and 8's play this instrument (recorder)
  5. barred instrument (xylophone)
  6. medium fast (moderato)
  7. drums (pair) (timpani)
  8. brass instrument that looks like a snail (frenchhorn)
  9. quiet (piano)

["pianissimo", "largo", "fortissimo", "mezzopiano", "forte", "crescendo", "mezzoforte", "tuba", "maracas", "cello", "bass"]

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