Crossword Puzzle



  1. the dollar value of all final goods and services (grossdomesticproduct)
  2. a way of expressing a need (want)
  3. a basic requirement for survival (need)


  1. intended for use by an individual (consumergoods)
  2. the accumulation of products that are tangible, scarce, useful, and transferable (wealth)
  3. work that is performed for someone (service)
  4. an item that is economically useful or satisfies an economic want (good)
  5. a worth that can be expressed in dollars and cents (value)
  6. ______ markets are where production resources are bought and sold (factor)
  7. ______ markets are where producers sell their goods and services to consumers (product)
  8. measurement of the amount of output by a given amount of input in the same amount of time (productivity)
  9. _____ of labor is when work is arranged so individual workers do fewer tasks than before (division)
  10. factors of production perform tasks that they can do more efficiently than others (specialization)

["independence", "scarcity", "opportunitycost"]

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