Crossword Puzzle

Wifey's Birthday!


  1. Favorite late-night snack (cheeserollups)
  2. Honeymoon city (oklahomacity)
  3. Wedding day bar (updown)
  4. "Ted" star's brother's band (nkotb)
  5. "Made for each other" hashtag (mfoe)
  6. First name of our first tattoo artist (mitch)
  7. Last name of our favorite Big Kiwi (adams)
  8. Michael + Jenny ship name (menny)
  9. Rams running back first name (todd)
  10. Our favorite college football team (iowa)
  11. Location of the vacation apartment (altoona)
  12. Favorite late-night pancake place (ihop)


  1. First date comedian (kevinhart)
  2. Your 36th birthday restaurant (quintons)
  3. Our meeting place (lifespace)
  4. Big Ten Championship city (indianapolis)
  5. Favorite fantasy TV show (gameofthrones)
  6. Our first concert (mumford)
  7. First Broadway show (jerseyboys)
  8. First name of current tattoo artist (brock)
  9. Our favorite TV show initials (brba)
  10. First Missouri tattoo trip restaurant (tacobell)
  11. Lifespace payroll deduction code (sloan)
  12. Favorite basketball team (thunder)

["mortalkombat", "chickfila", "krispykreme", "primalfear", "burgers", "joes", "white", "mariokart", "hamilton", "rummikub", "viva", "basketball", "zombieburger", "dairyqueen", "flintpark", "johnston"]

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