Crossword Puzzle

You Can't Retire from Being Fabulous


  1. Kim’s Center for Student Support team, once known as ODSS (centerforstudentaccess)
  2. October 1st, 2 (retirementparty)
  3. Center for Student Support deserter/abandoner/exemployee/betrayer (jessstevens)
  4. so that we all get some more practice in, what is the WRC/RAP new title? (adultresourcecenter)
  5. Kim’s favorite television show (gilmoregirls)


  1. dated Topanga (cory)
  2. the best boss (susanmuma)
  3. Kim's favorite state (michigan)
  4. Kim's favorite thing to do (write)
  5. Kim's husband, not Warren (loren)
  6. city where Kim was born (muskegon)
  7. name shared by one of our teammates and Kim’s older sister (pam)
  8. played by Robert Englund, who once taught Kim’s drama class (freddykrueger)
  9. Reach for the sky! Kim’s CSA partner in crime and the name on Woody’s boot (andy)
  10. Kim received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from here; go green (gowhite)
  11. Kim’s first book (lillysway)
  12. number of years Kim has worked for LCC (thirtyone)

["kim", "successlounge", "hermitage", "pretzelbell", "mackinacisland"]

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