Crossword Puzzle



  1. The place of zero longitude (primemeridian)
  2. Tells you what the subject of the map is (title)
  3. Half the globe (hemisphere)
  4. A wide, flat-topped mountain with steep sides, larger than a butte (mesa)
  5. a large, level area of grassland with few or no trees (prairie)
  6. Broad, flat area of land higher than the surrounding area (plateau)


  1. Show distances East or West of the Prime Meridian (longitude)
  2. Show distances North or South of the Equator (latitude)
  3. Imaginary line that divides the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemisphere (equator)
  4. Symbol that shows North, East, South, West (compassrose)
  5. Lists and explains symbols used on a map (legend)
  6. A body of land surrounded by water (island)
  7. Narrow strip of water connecting two large bodies of water (strait)
  8. An area of land that is saturated by water (swamp)
  9. A raised, flat area of land with steep sides, smaller than a mesa (butte)

["volcano", "desert", "mountain", "valley", "glacier", "canyon", "cliff"]

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