Crossword Puzzle



  1. The study of the nervous system and the brain. (neuroscience)
  2. Systematic study of the physical world. (science)
  3. Intelligence demonstrated by machines is called _________ intelligence (AI) (artificial)
  4. ________ Reality (AR) superimposes computer-generated images over a view of the real world. (augmented)


  1. Brain cell. (neuron)
  2. The flying ________ can both swim and leap into the air. (fish)
  3. Inspiration for some technologies comes from this. (nature)
  4. The science of machines that can mimic human-like behavior. (robotics)
  5. ________ Systems Center (ISC) (intelligent)
  6. What we have every day in the ISC making amazing discoveries. (fun)

["computer", "mpl", "virtual", "math", "engineering", "research", "vision", "brain"]

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