Crossword Puzzle

long test


  1. It allows for tilting of the microscope for the convenience of the user. (inclinationjoint)
  2. It is a suggestion or an implication that one bases on an observation. (inference)
  3. It is a technique in microscopy that is used to enhance the image of the specimen. (staining)


  1. It deals with the study of the development of the embryo. (embryology)
  2. It is the application of biological knowledge to human health. (biomedicine)
  3. It is the application of statistical methods to designing experiments in medicine. (biostatistics)
  4. It is used to pick up hot objects. (tongs)
  5. It helps in the transfer of liquids from one container to another without spilling; often used during filtration. (funnel)
  6. It is a beliefs and practice have been a strong part of the Filipino culture. (superstitions)


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