Crossword Puzzle

Quick Breads


  1. These make bread and baked goods rise. Examples are baking powder, baking soda, and yeast. (leaveningagents)
  2. This ingredient provides structure. (flour)
  3. This ingredient provides moisture. (liquid)
  4. This ingredient provides flavor. (salt)
  5. Kneading helps develop _______. (gluten)


  1. To work dough with the palms of the hands. (knead)
  2. A common acid used in leavening for biscuits is________. (buttermilk)
  3. This ingredient provides browning and flavor. (sugar)
  4. An over mixed muffin will be _______. (tough)
  5. An under mixed muffin will be _______. (crumbly)
  6. Baking powder needs _______ to react. (moisture)
  7. Baking soda must have what in order to react? (acid)
  8. A type of quick bread that requires kneading. (dough)
  9. Gluten is the _______ in flour. (protein)

["batter", "quickbreads", "layers", "pastryblender", "tender", "fat", "eggs"]

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