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  1. Limits power of queen, king, emperor, and empress. (constitutionalmonarchy)
  2. TAXES O_O (tariffs)
  3. Is a limited quantity wanted of a particular product in trade. (quota)
  4. A full on ban on trade with another country. (embargo)
  5. Government in which a few people (clan or clique) has power. (oligarchy)
  6. No leader or person in charge. (anarchy)


  1. The study of buying, selling, and making of goods and services. (economics)
  2. The percentage of people who can read and right with understanding and is over 7. (literacyrate)
  3. The amount of wealth and comfort available to someone in their area. (standardofliving)
  4. Natural materials made from the earth. (naturalresource)
  5. Tangible objects like machinery and equipment to produce goods and services. (capitalgoods)
  6. a set of skills acquired through training and experience which raises an employees value. (humancapital)
  7. Average per person. (percapita)
  8. Describes a market where buyers and sellers have the right to sell and buy by their own preference or refuse to if they so choose. (voluntarytrade)
  9. Trading goods and services over international borders. (internationaltrade)
  10. A type of government where the people get to select the leader. (democracy)
  11. Has a king,queen,emperor,or empress. (monarchy)

["grossdomesticvalue", "entrepreneurship", "currencyexchange", "tradebarrier", "presidentialdemocracy", "parliamentarydemocracy", "communism"]

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